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Thursday 19 September 2013

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) Installation and Removal Tricks

I've recently had the pleasure of playing around with VMware's vSphere Storage Appliance.  I would like to quickly point out some of the troubles I had with the installation so that if you guys come across the same problems they can quickly be sorted.  The installation I was using at the time was "VMware-vsa-all-"
During the installation if you receive an Error 2896 during the VSA Manager installation it is because of a script problem that doesn't like servers with multiple drives, specifically if you are also trying to install the product on for example D:\ rather than C:\
Browse to %temp%\sva\VSAManager/installTool and edit the runtool.bat file.  Edit the 9th line down and change it from cd %BUILDDIR% to cd /d %BUILDDIR% this will ensure that the installation will occur.
If you receive the error during setup through VSA Wizard (from within the VI Client) "Cannot create VSA cluster:  Adding hosts to HA Cluster failed."  Looking at the VSA Configuration log you will see that EVC mode failed to get configured.  I was running a pair of AMD hosts, it was trying to set the EVC mode to amd-rev-e.  If i manually created a cluster, there was no issue.  This hack allows the install to complete, you can then turn on EVC manually on the cluster afterwards.   Browse to the installation directory of vCenter on which you installed the VSA manager, e.g. "C:\program files\vmware\infrastructure\tomcat\webapps\VSAManager\WEB-INF\classes\" and wtih an administrative notepad, edit "" file.  Change the evc.config=true  line to evc.config=false  NOTE that this option will REQUIRE a restart of the "VMware VirtualCenter Server" and "VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices" services.  You should then be able to run through the VSA setup wizard without a hitch.
Remember, your hosts must have 4 NIC's in order for the setup to complete, if you have only a single quad port card, you will have to do a "Brownfield" network setup, otherwise you will recieve the following error:  Cannot create VSA cluster:  Failed to complete network configuration for specified host:  <hostname> , hence revered all other hosts, Could not find 2 NICs on the system.
The setup can be done from this documentation:  VSA Brownfield Setup
One final thing to note, is that if you are trying to run the cleanup.bat file (when removing the VSA) edit the file so that any line that reads cd %BUILDDIR% to cd /d %BUILDDIR% and the system I was on had no JAVA_HOME variable set.  So I set it to the following "set JAVA_HOME=D:\vmware\Infrastructure\jre" and that allowed a nice clean up.